How Linkk.Pro went from Zero to Hero on Product Hunt

We just launched the first version of a bio link tool that creates a professional micro-landing bio page for free. I am Mark Product Manager of LinkkPro, going to share the story of how we went from Zero to Hero on Product Hunt.

We started to feel the excitement of launching on Product Hunt a week before the launching. A product that we were working on each day and night with heart and soul. Like any other startup’s out there we are also got that excitement caught in our bellies. We can’t wait to see our product is being used by tens of hundreds of users and gets the feedback.

The launch day

Launch day Post

After reading thousands of articles about the best practice to post on Product Hunt, we started to create all the assets including the post, first comment and all the product images to launch on Product Hunt one week prior to the launch day. Yes, we launched our product on Producthunt exactly the start of the day with all the excitement on Jan 14. 

Yay, we launched our Product. And we congratulated each other for the hard work, fulfillment. We expected upvotes and feedback and most importantly our product being used by thousands of customers. But all of a sudden all the excitement went down. Hours passed by we have got only 4 upvotes and only a few signups. We were all got into the depression mode. For first time entrepreneurs like us and the first time launch on the Product Hunt, this was something we never dreamt of. 

So what we missed to foresee. This might help someone who is passionately working on their dream. We always believe in the community, to help each other and to cherish each other. This is might be helpful for our community who is building the product like us.

Build your community

Start building the community even before you start building your product. We didn’t take the community power seriously. We lately created our Product Hunt upcoming page and missed to promote or actively engaging in the community. Finding Product Hunt influencers is one of the best things to make your product reach the maximum number of audiences.

We should have created our social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. We forgot to build the brand reputation or community around the bio link tool. We had a strong desire to create a meaningful alternative to the competition. But we haven’t invested our time to build the community of customers, which is more important than building a product. We should have started to interact with real users who are using other bio link tools to get the exact problems they are trying to solve with link-in-bio tools. 

Build the MVP first

Todo Items for Product Hunt Launch

We know we wanted to build something more useful and meaningful alternative to the competition. But we never ever tested our MVP or Beta version with a small number of customers who are really willing to give it a try. We just built whatever things the existing bio link solutions that don’t offer.

 Everything that we built is super useful and highly efficiently made. While other competitors serving the bio link profiles in their own service we offered to host it on AWS CDN, to give the 99.9% uptime of their profiles. We integrated with Zapier, MailChimp and Google sheets to enable the small business owners to create the marketing workflow without having to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to marketing automation tools. And then we kept on adding value to the endless requirements both from technical and product point of view. 

Start your Marketing

This is one of the most important steps to provide real value, to establish new customers and branding. We missed creating the landing page to promote the MVP version or to get the user persona of the product. Market your brand presence on all the avenues like Social media, blogs, and publishing in SaaS publications. Making the product used by the customers is more important than building a product. 

Zero to Hero on Product Hunt

We failed to make our product to reach the real users, we missed grabbing the lifetime opportunity. The days went by and my partner Jones convinced me that we will do some other marketing activities to constantly reach the users. 

Four days after posting on Product Hunt on Saturday morning, Jones called me to check the Google analytics. There was a spike in the traffic to our landing page. Here comes the Product Hunt to the rescue. Yay, our product relisted on Saturday at the time we checked we got nearly 40 upvotes and we started to tweet about the launch again. This time we got in the top 10 results. All of a sudden we got dozens of signups and hundreds of page visits to our landing page. We haven’t got any issue reported from our customers from signing up to making the bio link integrated with Instagram, Twitter. Customers find it more useful and started to ask some more features. 

Thank you, Product Hunt and the Community.

Just after that, we are started to gain the confidence that our product is being used by the customers. We built a great tool with all the capabilities of the bio link tools like adding buttons, social links, Deep links, Schedule links. We really wanted to stand out of the market that gives our customers high value. So we added some more high-value features like Grid view, CDN hosting, Highly customizable branding and Integrations with Zapier, Mailchimp and Google Sheets. Every other bio link tool has somehow lacked these rich set of features that we built.


Of all said that above build the product that is compelling to use. Which really solves the customer problem, make it compelling for the user. We are really looking forward to many more milestones and launches. Give LinkkPro a try and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback


Announcing our new startup LinkkPro

Hello Everyone!

Today, we are announcing our new startup LinkkPro.  LinkkPro is a link first micro-website builder for professionals.  

Our Vision:

Sorry, we could’ve come earlier in the market; anyway better late than never.  Our vision is to build a platform to sell digital products. 

How did we start?

5 months ago, one of my friends who is working in a design agency requested me to build a website to showcase his work. There are a lot of tools available in the market but it lacks branding, customization, and integrations. 

So we built a custom webpage similar to the below one. 

What problem do we solve?

One link for all your social media profiles. Whenever you post new content on social media platforms, you tend to change the bio link every time you post something.  Using LinkkPro you can link all your content in a single place and you can use the same link in all the social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube and …) 

What LinkkPro offers?

  • Easy visual website builder (No coding)
  • Grid view (Build beautiful layouts)
  • Powerful Integrations (Zapier, Google Sheets, Mailchimp)
  • Email Collector form
  • Analytics 
  • Leap Link, Schedule Link and …

Try LinkkPro today 

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